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Water Crystal Data Collection

We are Challenging to make Water Crystal Dataset


We have more than 200,000 water crystal images that Dr. Emoto and the team of water crystal photographers took since 1994.


We are making an effort to collect water crystal images that are consistently high quality and cleaned thoughout the EPP collection and make dataset of water crystal images.

Dr. HDR Frederic Andres

Associate researcher, Emoto Peace Project

frederic Andres



To make the most of the water crystal images and to apply various informatics-based approaches from scientific point of view such as meteor-informatics, environmental  issues, education, etc.  


We believe that once we have the water crystal database, we will be able to contribute a great deal for the human society.


This is a new exciting challenge we are doing with water crystals.  In fact, we believe that water crystal database will have an immeasurable possibilities to help human race.

Our Research Team


Michiko Hayashi

Global Director,

Emoto Peace Project

Dr. Gerald H. Pollack

Professor of Bioengineering

 University of Washington

Hiromasa Emoto

President and Researcher

Office Masaru Emoto

Emoto Peace Project

Dr. Gerald Pollack Hiromasa Emoto